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Choosing Your Deductible: Four Factors to Consider

When choosing an auto insurance policy, deciding what level of deductible makes the most sense for your needs can be challenging. At 925 Partners, serving Jacksonville, FL, we’re here to help you choose the right auto policy. Let’s look at what you’ll need to consider when choosing your deductible level for your auto insurance policy. 

Vehicle Value

If you have an older vehicle, it may make sense to choose a higher deductible. Since older cars are more likely to need regular repairs, you may want to use the money you save from selecting a higher deductible for your emergency repair fund. 

Driving Risk

If you’re generally a safe driver, your insurance company will likely consider you low-risk. If your chances of getting into an accident are relatively low, you may want to choose a higher deductible than if your chances are higher.

Consider Your Budget

If you got into a car accident today, how much could you spend on repairs? Consider this when choosing your deductible. If you’re on a tight budget, it might make more sense to choose a lower deductible with higher monthly premiums to afford a repair if the unexpected happens. 

Think About Your Environment

Even if you’re a great driver, those around you may not be. If you live in an area with high fender benders or hit-and-runs, you may want to go with a lower deductible.

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If you’re searching for a new auto insurance policy, you’re in the right place! At 925 Partners, serving Jacksonville, FL, our team is here to help you find the right auto insurance policy for your needs. Please stop by or contact us today to learn how we can help protect you on the road. 


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