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Florida Commercial Insurance Coverage

Commercial Insurance

Liability Insurance in Florida

Owning a business is a very significant dream that many people have. For those that own a business in the Jacksonville, FL area or anywhere around Florida, the local economy provides a lot of potential to be successful. While you will have the chance to build a very successful business in Florida, you will want to make sure that it is adequately covered. One great way to do this is through a commercial liability insurance policy. There are many reasons why you should get a commercial liability insurance policy. Protecting yourself from accidents and lawsuits should be your top priority.

Property Coverage and a Basic Policy

Even if you opt for a basic property insurance policy for your Florida based business, you are putting protections in place that can prove invaluable when issues arise. A basic policy will handle the costs related to repairing almost any damage that occurs to your property, along with damage to your business property or inventory.

When shopping for property insurance, you can also choose from an array of optional coverages to provide even more peace of mind. Commercial property coverage could help your business remain operational should a disaster or event occur. With our optional coverage, you can begin to customize the ideal policy by requesting a free quote from our agents. From here, you can compare options and find the one that best suits your needs and your budget.

Business Auto in Florida

Driving is a necessity for businesses all over the state of Florida. You must consider all of your responsibilities that come with protecting your employees and your business. One important responsibility that you will have when you use a car for your company will be the need to have commercial auto insurance. There are many different reasons why you will want to have a quality auto insurance policy on your company vehicles.

Is Workers Compensation Insurance Required in Florida?

This insurance is required in Florida if you are a business that has more than four employees. These employees can be either be full time or part-time. Whether or not a self-employed worker needs workers comp will depend on the nature of work. The law requires self-employed workers in the construction industry to carry this insurance.

If you are in an industry that has a physical risk and don’t have any employees, you may still want to have this coverage. If you were to get injured on the job, then workers comp coverage helps with lost wages and expenses that wouldn’t be covered under a regular medical policy. An agent at 925 Partners in Jacksonville, FL can help you determine if you need workers comp. Employers that don’t have required workers comp insurance can risk civil penalties.

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