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All You Need To Know About Classic Car Insurance

If you own a classic car, you probably need special classic car insurance in order to protect your precious possession. Definitions of a classic car may vary, but according to the Insurance Information Institute, it is a car that is at least 25 years old. If you are thinking of getting classic car insurance for your valuable car, 925 Partners serving Jacksonville, FL prepared a list of things you should know about this type of insurance:

What Does Classic Car Insurance Cover?

The coverage of classic car insurance is similar to standard auto insurance that includes property damage, bodily injury, collision, and comprehensive liability. It also may cover restoration or specialized repairs if your classic vehicle is damaged or broken. 

How Much Does This Type of Insurance Cost?

In general, classic car insurance is 30% cheaper than regular auto insurance. It costs less because it is the primary car that is used for everyday driving. There are also certain factors that have an impact on the cost of classic car insurance, including the value of the vehicle and the number of classic cars you want to insure. 

What Are the Criteria For Qualifying For Classic Car Insurance?

The main criteria is the age of the car. As mentioned above, the vehicle must be at least 25 years old. However, there are other criteria as well, including a clean driving record, limited use of the car, and secure storage. 

If you live in Jacksonville, FL or other nearby communities and are searching for a trustworthy insurance agency to get classic car insurance, 925 Partners is ready to help you. We offer all types of insurance that are tailored to the unique needs of our clients. If you have any questions, or you want to know more about the options available, feel free to give us a call – our agents are ready to provide you the information you need. 

Is getting classic car insurance in Florida a good idea?

In the Jacksonville, FL area, there continue to be many people who love cars and dream of owning a classic or antique vehicle. When you own one of these cars, it will provide you with a prized possession that you can showcase and enjoy the appreciation as the years go by. If you are going to purchase a classic car here, you should consider getting a specialized classic car insurance policy. There are several reasons why this type of insurance is ideal for classic car owners.

Classic Car Coverage Reflects True Liability Risk

No matter what type of car you drive in Florida, you need to have liability insurance. If you are a classic car owner, you likely will drive it very infrequently. Due to this, the actual risk that you pose is minimal compared to the typical driver. If you invest in a classic car insurance policy, you will get the coverage that reflects this reduced liability risk. 

Classic Car Insurance Protects Value

Another advantage of getting classic car insurance compared to a normal insurance policy is that it can cover your car’s true value. With a classic car, there will be a lot of collectible value, which you will want to be able to protect. When getting classic car insurance, you will negotiate with the provider to have this covered.

Getting classic car insurance in Jacksonville, FL is a good idea for any classic car vehicle owner. When you are shopping for insurance coverage, you should call 925 Partners. The team at 925 Partners can give you the guidance needed to understand this unique form of insurance. From there, you will be able to get into a policy that offers the right coverage for your situation.

What are the Benefits of Classic Car Insurance?

If you live in the Jacksonville, FL area and are a car lover, getting a classic car can be an ultimate dream. Since these are not typical vehicles, you need to get an insurance policy that is designed for the needs that come with a classic car. Several benefits come when choosing to acquire a classic car policy for your antique vehicle.

Appropriate Coverage Amount

One of the main advantages that come with getting a classic car policy is that you can get a proper level of insurance coverage. With standard auto insurance, a car is viewed as a depreciating asset, and your coverage will reflect this. When you have a classic car, you are going to want to get more coverage that reflects the market value of the antique vehicle. With a classic car insurance policy in Jacksonville, FL, you can negotiate with the insurance provider and get to an agreed-upon value that reflects the market value. 

Risk Reflects Driving Habits

One difference between a classic car and a traditional vehicle is that you will drive the antique far less. You can get an insurance policy that reflects this reduced driving frequency. This can then result in lower insurance premiums for you going forward. 

Picking a classic car insurance policy is a big decision. If you are confused about your options, it would be a good idea to contact our office. The team at 925 Partners can assist with any of your needs when it comes to choosing a classic car policy. 925 Partners is ready to partner with you and determine your needs. Contact our office for more information on how to get a quote.


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