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Featured Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Group Medical in Florida

As an employer, one of the best perks that you can offer employees is a group medical insurance program. Often, this is the benefit that proves to be the most powerful when recruiting and retaining the best employees. There are several types of plans that you can offer. To discover the best programs for your business and the people that work with you, talk to the agents at 925 Partners. We work with companies throughout the Jacksonville, FL area, so we understand employees needs in Florida.

Group Life in Florida

Everyone in Jacksonville, FL and around the state needs life insurance, though your employees may value it for different reasons. Typically, when you think of life insurance, you envision the untimely passing of yourself or a loved one and if they have the financial means to pay for their final expenses. Because the average funeral now costs $11,000 or more, a life insurance policy is a necessity for most people, including your loyal workers. The friendly agents at 925 Partners can help your organization find a group insurance policy that's the right fit. Group life coverage may include:

Group Disability in Florida

No one wants to think about the changes of becoming disabled, but sometimes there is no way to prevent it. If you have an employee who becomes disabled, it is always nice to have some insurance or coverage to fall back on that can help them to pay their bills. For those in the Jacksonville, FL area and around the state, 925 Partners can help you to find the right insurance coverage for your company disability needs.

Dental & Vision in Florida

Taking care of your employees is a top priority for most. Without insurance, the cost of going to the dentist and even the eye doctor in Florida can be cost-prohibitive for many families.

If you find yourself looking for another benefit to give your employees, it may be time to consider dental and vision insurance for your company. By purchasing this insurance, your employees will pay a small co-pay and deductible when service is needed. It feels good having the confidence of knowing you can get care and treatment when you need it - without having to go into debt.

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