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Reasons Why a Flood Insurance Claim Would Be Rejected

Why is Your Flood Insurance Claim Rejected?

Homeowner’s insurance is a robust and dependable form of protection in various situations. Nevertheless, flood insurance makes an excellent addition to homeowner’s insurance, especially considering floods are typically excluded from coverage. A flood insurance policy remains a wise investment even if you reside in a region not prone to flooding.

Should your home suffer from a flood, your flood insurance policy would likely cater to your coverage needs. However, sometimes insurance claims can be refused. Here are a few common reasons why a flood insurance claim may face rejection.

Insufficient Documentation

When filing a flood insurance claim, sufficient evidence such as photos and videos (where possible), documentation of sustained damage, and an inventory of damaged property are critical. Your insurance adjuster will guide you on all the necessary materials needed to process your claim, which must be provided within a suitable timeframe.

Delay in Filing Claim

If you delay too long to file your claim after a flood event, this could jeopardize its approval. Waiting for two years after a flood to file a claim isn’t practical, and typically, a claim filed past 60 days will likely be rejected. The sooner you file, the better.

As seen above, you may risk having your flood insurance claim rejected if you don’t diligently provide the necessary documentation as part of your claim. This same principle applies to any insurance claim, as essential information is crucial for all claim processing. If your flood insurance claim is denied, don’t despair, as there should be an opportunity to redress the discrepancies and hopefully have your claim approved.

If you’re in need of a new insurance provider in the Jacksonville, FL area, consider us at 925 Partners. We prioritize our customers and provide insurance coverage in Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas. Reach out to 925 Partners today, and one of our helpful agents will assist you in obtaining a quote.

Equip Your Fleet Vehicles With Adequate Coverage

If you own a business that relies upon the use of fleet vehicles, you need to ensure you have the proper amount of insurance coverage. Learn about commercial transportation service coverage. Then contact a representative at 925 Partners. An agent serving Jacksonville, FL, will recommend commercial insurance products that protect your fleet vehicles.

Liability Insurance

Each of your vehicles should be equipped with liability coverage. If one of your fleet vehicles is involved in an accident, the liability coverage will pay for costs associated with the damage. Liability insurance covers any damage that is your or one of your fleet drivers’ fault.

Comprehensive Coverage

A comprehensive insurance policy will pay for repair costs that you incur. The coverage will pay for damage that another driver caused. The coverage will also handle repairs to physical structures or any other item damaged during a vehicular accident.

Insurance Claims

You will need to file a commercial insurance claim if any of your vehicles are ever involved in an accident. A claim should be filed soon after an accident occurs. The claims process will be outlined in your insurance paperwork.


If you decide to purchase new fleet vehicles, you will need to have modifications made to your existing commercial transportation service insurance policy. Updates should be done whenever you sell or buy a fleet vehicle.

Contact 925 Partners in Jacksonville, FL

Feel free to contact an agent at 925 Partners. An agent who serves Jacksonville, FL, will handle all your commercial vehicle insurance needs. They will consult with you first. Then, they will prepare your insurance documents.

The Roadmap to Classic Car Insurance: Understanding Your Options

Ensuring classic cars have proper insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all task. Standard auto policies frequently fail to address the unique needs and significance of vintage cars like yours. That’s why it’s essential to delve into comprehending specialized coverage crafted explicitly for classic cars. Here’s your guide to exploring these distinctive insurance options offered at 925 Partners, serving Jacksonville, FL, and the nearby areas.

  1. Agreed Value Coverage: This type of policy locks in your classic car’s value, regardless of depreciation, guaranteeing you receive the agreed-upon value in case of a total loss.

  2. Mileage Restrictions: Tailored policies include specified limits, enabling enjoyment of your vintage ride while safeguarding your coverage.

  3. Specialized Repairs and Restoration: Coverage for unique repair and restoration needs of vintage cars, ensuring maintenance that preserves the authenticity of your vehicle.

  4. Storage Coverage: Protection during inactivity or storage, safeguarding your classic car from unexpected events, even when not in use.

  5. Access to Specialized Services: Connects you with experts in classic car repair and restoration, aiding in maintaining the value and authenticity of your cherished vehicle.

Understanding the nuances of classic car insurance is crucial for protecting your prized possession. Entrust your vintage beauty to us at 925 Partners, where we’re dedicated to providing tailored coverage that meets the unique needs of classic car enthusiasts in Jacksonville, FL, and the surrounding areas. Remember, your classic car isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a piece of history and passion. Ensure it’s protected with insurance customized to its unique needs. Don’t wait—connect with us and safeguard your cherished ride today. Let us help you preserve the legacy of your classic car for generations to come.

Four things you might not know about umbrella insurance

At 925 Partners, we’re here to meet the insurance needs of consumers in Jacksonville, FL. Umbrella insurance coverage is one of the types of insurance coverage we offer.

Some consumers might not be adequately informed about umbrella insurance and how it works. Here are four things you might not know about umbrella insurance. 

A typical umbrella insurance policy is in effect worldwide.

You might not realize there aren’t usually any geographical limits on umbrella insurance policies like other types of insurance. This means that you can enjoy umbrella insurance coverage wherever you travel in the world. 

Umbrella insurance can cover landlords.

If you are a landlord who rents out properties, you should know that umbrella insurance could protect you financially in your commercial ventures. With umbrella insurance, you can enjoy added protection against liability issues you face as a landlord. 

Umbrella insurance is ideal for owners of boats and recreational vehicles.

Owning a boat or a recreational vehicle can create some significant liability risks. With umbrella insurance, you can enjoy peace of mind when using your boat or recreational vehicle since you carry added liability coverage. 

Umbrella insurance complements other insurance policies that you already have.

If you’re concerned that your auto or home insurance isn’t providing you with enough coverage, umbrella insurance is great to have. Umbrella insurance increases your coverage from a home or auto insurance policy. 

Get a quote on an umbrella insurance policy in Jacksonville, FL by calling us today at 925 Partners. We’re here to help you find the best insurance solutions for your financial situation. 

Which family members should have life insurance?

The decision concerning which family members need life insurance depends on the circumstances each family faces. Still, there are common reasons why families ensure family members who play different roles. To help work through how life insurance can help support your family in a time of need, contact our 925 Partners team, serving the Jacksonville, FL, area.

Insuring Family Members

Anyone buying life insurance must have an insurable interest (face financial loss or hardship if the individual passes away) and the cooperation of that individual in the insuring process. So, let’s look at the common reasons for insuring various family members.

  • Heads of Household- Life insurance for spouses or others who are a household’s primary breadwinners or caretakers can reduce the financial hardship of their loss. It is also common to insure the heads of household as a means of building during their lifetime or passing on wealth.
  • Minor Children- Most people only use life insurance policies for minor children to cover funerals and similar expenses. Buying life insurance for children with specific health issues can also help ensure their access to life insurance in adulthood.
  • Adult Children and Siblings- Insuring adult children and siblings can be wise when they are active caretakers or financially support aging parents or other family members since their loss could result in additional elder care expenses. Insurance may also be helpful for adult children and siblings with loans or shared interests in businesses or investments that cause hardship upon their passing.

Working with 925 Partners

Given the many reasons for insuring family members’ lives, our 925 Partners team, serving the Jacksonville, FL area, can help you work through these decisions and select the insurance coverage that best meets your needs.

Why Flood Insurance Is So Important

Flood insurance may not be a type of policy that most people think about very often, but everyone is glad to have it when a flood hits. However, every homeowner should have this type of insurance because of the danger of floods. A flood can cause catastrophic damage to a home. Call us at 925 Partners in Jacksonville, FL, for a flood insurance policy.

Flood Zones in Florida

There are specific areas in Florida that are designated as flood zones. These may be labeled with several years, such as 25. That means the area can expect a flood about every 25 years on average. People who buy homes inside those zones generally require flood insurance. However, flooding can also happen far outside of these zones. About 20% of all flood claims sent to insurance companies come from outside flood zones. That makes it important to have flood insurance whether or not you have a flood zone designation. Flood insurance pays for the repairs or rebuilding needed after a flood damages the home. Home insurance policies don’t cover floods, so don’t rely on your home insurance to pay for flood damage. 

Government Backing

Today’s flood insurance policies are issued through the National Flood Insurance Program. This is a government program that makes funds available for those who have flood damage and flood insurance. The program guarantees it, so homeowners will know that funds will be there in case of a flood. The program sets the specific price of flood insurance so that the price will be the same no matter where you go to buy it. 

Get Flood Insurance

When you need flood insurance, call us at 925 Partners in Jacksonville, FL, to learn more. 

Choosing Your Deductible: Four Factors to Consider

When choosing an auto insurance policy, deciding what level of deductible makes the most sense for your needs can be challenging. At 925 Partners, serving Jacksonville, FL, we’re here to help you choose the right auto policy. Let’s look at what you’ll need to consider when choosing your deductible level for your auto insurance policy. 

Vehicle Value

If you have an older vehicle, it may make sense to choose a higher deductible. Since older cars are more likely to need regular repairs, you may want to use the money you save from selecting a higher deductible for your emergency repair fund. 

Driving Risk

If you’re generally a safe driver, your insurance company will likely consider you low-risk. If your chances of getting into an accident are relatively low, you may want to choose a higher deductible than if your chances are higher.

Consider Your Budget

If you got into a car accident today, how much could you spend on repairs? Consider this when choosing your deductible. If you’re on a tight budget, it might make more sense to choose a lower deductible with higher monthly premiums to afford a repair if the unexpected happens. 

Think About Your Environment

Even if you’re a great driver, those around you may not be. If you live in an area with high fender benders or hit-and-runs, you may want to go with a lower deductible.

Reach Out to 925 Partners, Serving Jacksonville, FL, Today

If you’re searching for a new auto insurance policy, you’re in the right place! At 925 Partners, serving Jacksonville, FL, our team is here to help you find the right auto insurance policy for your needs. Please stop by or contact us today to learn how we can help protect you on the road. 

What are the benefits of having a Florida commercial transportation insurance plan?

The commercial transportation industry continues to be very important as it involves the trucking and shipment of products all over the country. For those in the Jacksonville, FL area, this can be a great business to be in. However, there are always risks that come with being in this industry. One way to protect a business in this industry is by getting a commercial transportation insurance plan, which offers several benefits. 

Protect Assets

A company in this industry will own many assets, including trucks, moving equipment, and other materials. When you have a commercial transportation insurance plan, you will have coverage to protect these assets. This can include ensuring you have coverage if you are involved in an accident or incur a loss due to theft or vandalism, which requires a repair or full replacement of these core assets. 

Liability Risk Mitigation

A commercial transportation insurance plan will also help you reduce liability risks. In this industry, a company takes on many liability risks, including the risk that an accident occurs on the road, loss or damage of cargo, and various other types of liability risks. When you are insured with a full commercial transportation insurance plan, it will provide coverage so you can cover any damages that arise. 

In the Jacksonville, FL area, a commercial transportation insurance plan is essential for anyone that operates in this industry. When you select a plan, it is very important to choose one that is right for your situation. Fortunately, our team at 925 Partners can always help. When you call our team with 925 Partners, you will get the support you need to build a plan to protect your business and assets. 

How to Keep Pets Safe At Home

Your pets are an essential part of your family and the dynamics of your home. At 925 Partners, serving Jacksonville, FL, and the surrounding areas, we know how important it is to you to keep your pets safe, especially when they are in the house or home alone. Let’s look at ways to help keep your pets safe at home. 

Keep Toxic Materials Out of Reach 

If you are a pet owner, you are responsible for staying aware of what items are toxic to your pets. Many items are obviously unsafe, such as chemicals and cleaners. But did you know many items are perfectly safe for people but are very toxic to animals? For instance, chocolate is toxic to dogs and cats. Your pets should be kept away from many seemingly innocent foods and other materials. Talk with your vet to get a full list of what your pet should be kept away from. 

Make Your Home Pet Friendly

It is also essential that you make an effort to make your home pet friendly if your pets will stay inside. This means that they should not be confined in spaces that would make them anxious or in places that would put them in danger. Depending on the season, they also need spaces that are not too hot or cold. 

Protect Aggressive Pets 

This might seem a bit backward because most people think others should be protected from aggressive pets. Still, if you have a pet that struggles with aggression toward other animals or people, keeping that animal in a safe space where it cannot hurt others is your responsibility. 

Contact us at 925 Partners to learn about home insurance options in Jacksonville, FL, and the surrounding areas. 

Common Misconceptions About Classic Car Insurance

If you own a classic car, having the correct insurance to protect this significant investment is crucial. However, there are many common misconceptions concerning classic car insurance. Because of this, it can make decisions difficult. Our experts at 925 Partners in Jacksonville, FL, will help navigate you to the plan that fits you best. Let’s discuss some of the most common myths and misconceptions about classic car insurance to help guide your decision-making. 

Myth #1: Classic car insurance is only available to cars at least 25 years old. 

This myth may be true in some situations; however, there are insurance companies that will cover classic cars that are less than 25 years old. The criteria vary by state and insurance company.

Myth #2: An appraisal is necessary to get classic car insurance.

This myth is another common misconception about classic car insurance. Many insurance companies have methods to help determine a classic car’s value. While appraisals are beneficial in determining insurance rates, they are only sometimes necessary.

Myth #3: Only classic cars kept in a garage or showroom and never driven are covered under classic car insurance.

There are multiple types of classic car insurance coverage available for classic car insurance, including cars that participate in car shows, parades, or vehicles used to drive for fun.

In conclusion, many myths and misconceptions surround the classic car insurance industry. You can find the right classic car coverage by working with experienced classic car insurance like ours at 925 Partners in Jacksonville, FL.

Refrain from letting the myths and misconceptions get in your way of having the proper coverage. For more information on classic car insurance, contact our experts at 925 Partners by calling 855-925-1200 or emailing 


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